Bucket Elevator Systems – Garnet Recovery Systems

ABSS offer a range of Mechanical Abrasive Recovery and Feed Solutions to meet most requirements. From a simple, “In Ground, Hopper Fed Bucket Elevator System” to “High Feed Rate Helical Screw Conveyor Systems”, the options are unlimited. Integrated with our Dustech Range of Dust Extraction Units or Camfil Farr Gold Series Dust Collectors a Mechanical Recovery System cleans the Abrasive Media by extracting the dust and contaminants and provides maximum Abrasive Media life, increased productivity and superior Blast Operator visibility.

ABSS manufacture a range of above ground Garnet Recovery Systems and Storage Hoppers. Whatever your requirements, we can custom build a solution to suit.


Talk to our friendly Engineering people about an Abrasive Blasting or Recovery System to suit your application.


Contact us Now on 1300 727 240 or email us at info@abss.net.au for further information regarding ABSS Abrasive Blasting RoomsContainer Blasting Rooms and Abrasive Recovery Systems.

Below is an example of our custom built systems. Standing over 7 Metres high, the ABSS Bucket Elevator System feeds Abrasive Media into a 10,800kg Storage Hopper ready to feed upon demand to the 10,800kg Mega-Blast Pressure Vessel which in turn supplies Abrasive Media to Six Blast Operators through Thompson II Metering Valves. Abrasive is loaded into this system through a weather proof Loading Station that is coupled to the base of the Bucket Elevator.

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Key Benefits of ABSS Mechanical Recovery Abrasive Blast Room Systems:

  • Australian Made
  • Built to suit your exact requirements.
  • Portable or Fixed units.
  • High Abrasive Feed Rates can be achieved.
  • Built to suit all types of Abrasive Medias including Steel Grit, Steel Shot, Chilled Iron Grit, Garnet, Glass Bead, Aluminium Oxide, Ceramic and Plastic.
  • Fully adjustable Air-Wash removes the Dust and Contaminants from the spent Abrasive Media returning only good, clean Abrasive to the Storage Hopper.
  • A wide variety of options including Scalping Drums, High Volume Storage Hoppers etc. are available.
  • Low Power Consumption Recovery Components.