Abrasive Blast Nozzles, Nylon and Brass Couplings. Nylon Nozzle Holders Safety Whip Checks and Locking Pins


ABSS hold an extensive range of Abrasive Blast Cleaning Nozzles including Straight Bore and Venturi styles. This range includes Syclone, Silicon Carbide, Tungsten Carbide Polyurethane Jacketed and Boron Carbide Blast Nozzles. Blast Hose Couplings and Blast Nozzle Holders are also readily available. We offer a fitting service to attach your required items to the Blast Hose.

Suction Blast Guns are available to suit the ABSS range of Abrasive Sand Blast Cabinets.

For all Blast Nozzle and Accessories enquiries, contact us Now on 1300 727 240 or e-mail us at info@abss.net.au

Blast Nozzle Service Life

Nozzle LifeValues estimated for comparison. Actual Service Life will vary depending on the Blast Pressure, Media Size and Particle Shape.


Water Induction Blast Nozzles

ABSS Brass Blast Hose Couplings

The ABSS range of Brass Blast Hose Couplings are the ...

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