Threaded Blast Pot Couplings

ABSS Threaded Blast Pot Couplings

Claw Coupling V01

ABSS Threaded Blast Pot Couplings are available in Brass, Nylon and Steel. 

Standard Thread Sizes Available: 1-1/4" and 1-1/2"

Suit most Abrasive Metering Valves including the Thompson I & II Valves and Micro Valve.

Product Range

4G-NTC-1Threaded Blast Pot Coupling Nylon 1-1/4"ASK ABOUT THIS
4G-NTC-2Threaded Blast Pot Coupling Nylon 1-1/2"ASK ABOUT THIS
4G-STC-1Threaded Blast Pot Coupling Steel 1-1/4"ASK ABOUT THIS
4G-STC-2Threaded Blast Pot Coupling Steel 1-1/2"ASK ABOUT THIS
4G-BTC-1Threaded Blast Pot Coupling Brass 1-1/4"ASK ABOUT THIS
4G-BTC-2Threaded Blast Pot Coupling Brass 1-1/2"ASK ABOUT THIS
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